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PacificComp is dedicated to protecting and empowering conscientious business owners.  As a California Workers’ Compensation Specialist, PacificComp aims to be the preferred business partner for business owners, agents and brokers through an expert understanding of rules, regulations and laws.

Located in Westlake Village, California, PacificComp’s employees work to ensure peace of mind for business owners unique needs, including focused underwriting, loss control resources and claims management expertise.

PacificComp is part of the CopperPoint Family of Companies.

CopperPoint carries $4.1 billion in assets, a policyholder surplus exceeding $1.5 billion and no debt.  CopperPoint embodies stability and sustainability for over 13,000 policyholders generating approximately $420 million in revenue.  To learn more about CopperPoint, please click here.

CopperPoint Annual Report 2017

California Rules

We know California workers’ comp inside and out—it’s our home. We keep up with all the rules, regulations and legislation, and we understand the challenges and opportunities that exist. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor specific or individual plans to best meet each company’s needs. The result is an approach that values best-possible outcomes: lower claims costs and faster resolution.

Take Action. Take Care.

We take a proactive approach to every aspect of workers’ comp, from our innovative underwriting solutions to our rigorous loss control and claims management. With dedicated customer service teams to assist clients all along the way, we ease the stress of a complicated system. Broker partners rely on us to deliver the best value and service to them and their clients.

Partner Commitment

Let us put our experience to work for you by helping to build your business and serve your clients like never before. Whether large or small, simple or complex—give your clients the workers’ comp expertise you want to be known for with PacificComp.

Fast Turnaround

We’ll give you the straight answers you need, when you need them. That’s the responsiveness we’re known for from people you can count on and quotes you can bank on.

Risk Management

We don’t outsource or cut corners. Our experienced in-house loss control and claims management teams are committed to working with you to make sure your clients get the best advice and outcomes.

Excellent Rating

The smarter way to navigate the system.


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