Health and Safety Info

As specialists in the intricacies of California workers’ compensation, we put decades of expertise to work for your company to improve safety. Our proven tools and techniques help you control claims costs and help improve your company’s experience mods.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is one of our top priorities. Our in-house health and safety experts have unparalleled experience identifying safety exposures and will work with you sharing the tools and guidance you need to control loss.

Motivating not Monitoring

Working with your broker, your management and employees, our team can offer proven strategies to get everyone involved and motivated about workplace safety.

Proactive Workplace Safety

We take a proactive approach to workplace safety. Depending on the scope of your company’s needs, we’ll provide everything from videos, posters and online tools to on-site evaluations.

Safety Toolkit

Our health and safety toolkit gives you 24/7 online access to an extensive collection of briefs, checklists, evaluations, manuals, outlines, programs, and links to external resources. Browse our collection of resources in our Health and Safety Tool Kit.
Access Toolkit